Work is Cool…and other thoughts about my worksite

In my last blog, I attempted to write a very clever story about how I happened to live in Denver. I hope that story revealed how my living in Denver had mostly to do with prayer. For more than a couple of years I prayed that God would do a mighty thing in my life. Boy has he.

Despite some minor bumps in the beginning and a few household issues, there is so much going on that is terrific. Check back with my writing in 2 months and you may notice that I am not as excited. But, this blog is being written on a day with which I am very pleased. I have delicious coffee in my favorite mug I brought from home, the Great British Baking Show playing in my ear and I’m wearing an amazing crewneck. This great atmosphere causes me to share with you what I am most excited about at the almost-two-month mark.

To be clear, I have worked at a number of unsatisfying locations. I have worked for bosses who don’t appreciate my initiative and bosses who don’t know how to direct my energy. I’ve worked for bosses who didn’t pay me and bosses who couldn’t remember my name. None of those unfortunate qualities describe my current work site. It’s incredibly refreshing to work for an organization that encourages thoughtful work and maintains a healthy set of workplace boundaries. I have now been with Work Options for Women for 6 weeks and I simply cannot believe how full I am at work each day. I’m not completely sold out, there are still tough moments and times I get bored. Rather than finding the flaws to be larger than they really are, I’m focusing on the enjoyment of all the small things. Each day I show up and am busy -all day. One of my parents once said that in order to sleep well at night I have to tire out my brain. He/She most likely said this because I have a wondering brain and a proclivity for staying up late. However, because I am busy all day at WOW, I come home exhausted, my brain is completely worn out. Dealing with both paperwork and people allows my left and right sides to exercise. I’m referring to my brain of course, not my obliques. Going to bed tired is just half of the equation. I also wake up knowing that everything I will do at work in the upcoming day will be worthwhile. Both the sleeping and the day-long purpose make this an experience I am deeply enjoying.

I was voted “Most Likely to be President” (female category, of course) by my senior class in high school. Counter to that particular selection I have not been sold on working since I graduated from college. I would really love to stay home, much to my family’s chagrin, and raise some weird little children ducklings. Why would a formerly future president choose not to work? It just hasn’t seemed worthwhile to get out into the working world if no one is really happy. What I have personally experienced and heard from past co-workers, is that working is often a huge drag. I constantly wonder, does everyone just go to work miserable? Has everyone decided that making money is better than being satisfied for 40+ hours a week?

Three summers ago, I had the privilege of working for another group of people whom I trust like the I trust the women at WOW. It’s important to note that I still work for these people whenever possible. So, now that I have had two positive work experiences, I guess I can’t ignore that there are opportunities that allow me to be satisfied and happy with a place to work. There is a chance for us to choose better for ourselves. IF WE WAIT. I can’t feel more sure about that small little fact. It takes time, something we never feel we have enough of. But, if we are willing, we can find the workplace that is satisfying and happy. It may not always be amazing, there will of course be warts, but at some point we have to decide not to be miserable. It took prayer and a whole lot of confusion to finally find a place where I am very full. I may not fulfill my senior class prophecy, but I hope to do better than find work to be a drag. That feels like a very mighty thing.



Representing WOW at a Combined Federal Campaign event in Downtown Denver.

Courtany & Amy

With Amy, fellow WOW Program Assistant, at our 2015 Fall Graduation Ceremony.

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