The Importance of Playfulness

How is it December 20th? This advent season has flown by, and actually life seems to be picking up a lot of speed all of the sudden. Georgi and I were talking this morning about how it seems like Halloween was just here. As you age, life moves faster. My brother shared this realization with me years ago and my eyes are suddenly seeing the truth within his words.

Although days, months, and years zoom by, the sentence doesn’t end there. We can either lead a boring life or we can be enchanted by the mystery of our existence! I have been ebbing and flowing between the two — basing my choice on how I am feeling that day. And I’ll let you in on something, living this way is EXHAUSTING. Plus, I don’t believe our playful God created humans to be a humdrum.
As I sit in my new room (Harlowe and I switched rooms this past Sunday — Georgi and I share now) with warm yellow walls, I am exhausted from being serious. Pondering serious questions. Having serious conversations. Worrying about serious issues. You get the idea, I have been like a light switch of either goofy Brittany or serious Brittany. Not both together.
Add on the fact that this past week was the busiest work week I have ever experienced (making over 100 calls to middle school parents in 2 days wowza)— totally understandable with the holidays. However, that did not make it easy. I barely felt like I could be present to the work in front of me and the people.
There is goodness in this. A delightful (and needed) lesson sprouted — We all need playfulness! For our Tuesday formation time, Catie gave us gals the reigns to decide what to do with our morning! There was much indecisiveness from Harlowe and myself, but we ended up grabbing breakfast at this cozy, local restaurant called Winona’s. We then went to Georgi’s work site, Lift Up, to take an ugly christmas sweater photo. This kooky (which has become my favorite word), goofy day together was needed for each of our well-beings. Snow fell and my heart lightened, my body relaxed, and I genuinely smiled. This was huge! I was unaware of how I had been responding like a dang robot. I was able to bring my whole self into the conversation and physical space; the crazy part is I actually sensed the difference. I shared my thoughts because some things in this crazy head of mine ought to be heard! Yes I have felt tired this past week, but I saw and felt myself open up to being where I am — and that’s a pretty incredible thing!
So here’s the dealio: we need playfulness in order to be sincere, present, and fully ourselves. I firmly believe it. After tubing down a huge mountain on retreat, I was significantly happier and more myself! While dancing around our living room like a crazy person, I felt at ease. Driving home from our retreat last week, Harlowe and I decided to stop at Rabbit Ears Pass where folks backcountry ski and snowshoe. We walked around in the most snow my eyes have ever seen! Y’all, I was in a long dress and snow covered my bare legs. I was stinking cold! But, it was a delightful, magical, whimsical, spontaneous, out of the ordinary event. And I think everyone needs this! We began our life as little people playing each and every day —and  somewhere along the way most of us let go of this part of our essence. I’m choosing holy belly laughter, sacred silliness, and divine curiosity within the routine! I hope you too can embrace your innately playful nature. Thankful for a God who is interested and invested in the business of whimsy this Advent season.

Happy Christmas to all of you lovely folks!

With love and kookiness,

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