August 7th, 2016

This will be my last blog posted from “inside the house”…cue bizarre unharmonious music. But yes, this will be my last time blogging as a live in member of St. Columba. As Rebecca (our director) has mentioned, I will still be a member of the ColoESC team. But my membership looks a little different. Let me give you some background information.
During the course of my experience here, I have had the beautiful opportunity to fall in love. As someone who felt like this would never come, its been a big freaking deal. Like big cup of delicious coffee and an the perfect donut on a Saturday morning, kind of big freaking deal. Much to the chagrin of Rebecca, I fell in love with one of my fellow St. Columbans, Andrew Watson. We couldn’t be more different: he loves rap, I love anything but; he loves scary movies, I couldn’t bare to sit through one; he watches animated “grown-up” TV shows, I have never seen a full episode of the Simpsons. Despite those seemingly INSURMOUNTABLE differences, we laugh with one another more than I think we have with many others. Things we have in common: love of food, love of comedians, love of trying new things, love of politics and political discourse and love of hours spent in front of the TV.
It’s been a little more than bizarre falling in love. I watched many of my friends fall in love and always felt like the “bridesmaid never the bride”. They would all tell me, it is so sweet but so hard. I couldn’t agree more. I love talking with Andrew through the parts of our experience with ESC that we love and hate. But I really struggle to learn how to leave room for the parts of him that I don’t always love. More than just loving him, I’ve decided I think he’ll be a great person to spend the rest of my life. I decided this while we swang in the cool fall evenings on our yard swing. We spend many nights talk about life, our friends and family and the things we hope to do in this life. It was really quite beautiful.
Let me be clear, there are still MANY things we have to learn about one another, still MANY fights to have and MANY moments that will be essential to our success. We have already had hard moments and I appreciate that we keep having them. To me, it means that we are, in fact, different people and bring different things to this relationship. We are learning how to argue well and disagree with respect, two things will that will be extremely helpful during our next season.
Ok, there’s the back story. Here’s the current news: I’m moving back to Greenville, SC permanently so I can start on the greatest adventure of life, motherhood. Andrew and I are expecting a little nugget this summer and yes, we are just as surprised as you are. The great thing, among the many very scary things, is that we really like each other and always intended to be together. What makes this somewhat easy for me is the strength I have found while being a part of this program and falling in love. I came to Denver thinking I had to find “what I have to offer the world”. I found it, I already had it. It’s strength and belief in the perfect timing of God’s great plan. These last 6 weeks have been so trying, but I know more than ever that I am capable of this big task. God has given me a spirit of strength, not of timidity. It’s weird to hear myself say things that I didn’t know if I could believe just 6 months ago. But here I am, pregnant and ready for a whole mess of seemingly impossible obstacles. It can be done and it will be. Thanks for journeying with me, I have loved every moment.

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