Overture to CO-ESC 2016-17 – Sara Sweeney


10:18 pm.

Kitchen table.

Legs crossed.

Up on chair.

Burnt Spaghettio’s in mug

in hand in stomach

because I’m 22.

The bowls are dirty and I didn’t

make dinner 4 hours ago.

because I’m 22

and can maybe get away with blogging


to get this ball rolling, I’m going to.


Left: Alexa: lifelong friend: sister: road trip accompaniment from MN to CO

“Two buds posing in front of overexposed Colorado Mountains during Sunset”


Inside St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Catie shows Centennial

House the spectacular space we get to call holy home for the next 10 months.


Love speaking up to us as we walk through town and by the Yampa River on day one of our



Most of the pictures on my phone are of skies and clouds and trees and mountainlines. Here’s


Week 2 of orientation: WE MEET THE DENVER CREW on retreat at Cathedral Ridge. Free time was spent coloring chickens and other images, cardplaying, and singin’.


Thoughts on prayer, even if I’m creeped out by speaking in unison: if a bug can do it so can I..?


My first day at the Tread of Pioneers museum was a busy one.. but I’m glad too!

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