Journey in a Introverted Alabamian Part 1 – Evan Brock

Hello blogger world. This is the first time I wrote a blog so I hope this goes well. Recently ,I’ve thought many big ideas that overwhelmed me; I thought that as ESC members we needed to write a grandiose essay on the complex social issues that exist in the world today. It is relieving to hear that is not the case. So instead, I will write what I know about( in the general sense) and feel comfortable sharing with you, the reader. My big idea is to describe our interconnectedness in the world and how both action/inaction influence our daily lives.

Before I dive into that topic I will share with you some of my background. I was,… wait I should probably tell you my name. My name is Evan Brock and I am from Fairhope, AL. Fairhope is a small coastal town in Baldwin County and it sits along Mobile Bay. For most of my life I called that town home, primarily because that is where my mom lives, whom I decided to bugger in June of 1992. Like many folk in the U.S. A. , religion was introduced at a early age. Even though I was baptized at a Methodist church, I grew up within and was confirmed in the Episcopal Church. My ‘home’ church was St.James Episcopal. Through the church I was introduced to voluntarism, music,

and socializing with my peers through youth groups and camp retreats. I guess , no wait..yes, the church did and still has a important role in my life.

Even though I do not attend St.James as much I still have a piece of it in my heart. With that being said, as I grew I became more aware of my surrounds and of the culture. Though a conservative congregation St.James is part of the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast. But growing up, I didn’t know the difference between a conservative or a liberal. Life was fairly simple in terms of my view of a child. I admit I can be naive, or at least I try to be. In my opinion, life can be simpler if we treat others with dignity and respect. Most of the time many social issues bog me down if I think about it too much. I do not deny the existence of issues, I just need to breath sometimes.

Growing up, I became more aware of individuals who do not believe in any type of religion. I do not wish to generalize the reasons of why people choose not to believe; however, what I have learned from others is that of the fallacies and absurdities that are included in religion. From my experience in the Episcopal Church most of the congregates are Caucasian, but we are welcoming to everyone. Also the denomination is comprised of many affluent individuals. Christianity has many different denominations and non-denominations that are created based on either genuine interpretations of the bible or as a way to make money so that egos are filled. I understand that Christianity is a imperfect religion made of imperfect people, but there are times where I must scratch my head.

In addition, I understand that I am not always right with my conclusions. In the previous paragraph, I did not provide enough evidence to support my claims. Everything that I stated is based off my general observations. I believe that at some point everyone must be open to some constructive criticism. That does not mean to disbelieve the current faith, but to try and find some type of truthfulness in this existence. I do not deny the existence of God, but I wonder what should or should be included in religion.

With that being said, none of the statements that I mentioned detract me from strengthening my faith. I do believe that there is a God in this existence and I do believe that anything in this life is possible. Now, that opens the door for a chance of no existence of not existing; however, that is a risk I am willing to take. After all, isn’t religion trial & error?

So with that being said, serving in Episcopal Service Corps will allow me to continue to try, try, and try again. Who knows, maybe I will keep trying until my last breath. So far, this trial is going well. I am enjoying the company of both Centennial and St. Columba House. Currently I am slowly acclimating myself within my house-mates and within Steamboat Springs. So, what have I done? What non-profit am I serving under? Well, I’ll have more on that on my next blog post. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten my main idea. I am trying something out with this blogging system. Any who, until next time.

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