“New Spaces, Workplaces, and Snaggle-Toothed Braces” by Collette

At the end of my run this afternoon I sat by the river. There were fly fisher[wo]men scattered about and mountains bordering my view. I sat there thinking and praying for a friend back home when two dragonflies interrupted my thoughts. They seemed particularly intrusive, and left an impression in a way that most dragonflies do not, so I looked up the meaning of these insects when I got home.

I searched for a reliable “.net” or “.org” to reveal to me the mystery behind these messengers. I couldn’t find such a site, but “dragonfly-site.com” sounded legit enough. I read: “The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life” (http://www.dragonfly-site.com/meaning-symbolize.html). That’s a lot of pressure. Although, I feel that the conversations, books, and spiritual practices that I have already been provided through the Colorado Episcopal Service Corps are leading me in that direction.

My friendships back home have changed from picnics to phone calls. The leaves are transitioning from greens to yellows. My bed has shrunk from 53”x74” to 38”x75” and the number of my new home address has multiplied by 4.44.

A lot is changing around and within. I am beginning to grasp what it is that I want to take with me and I am beginning to let go of the things I want to leave behind as I enter this new space.


I almost didn’t include this sunset photo because I thought it would only add to the cliche. It really is beautiful though and I think I’ve seen more sunsets in the past three weeks than I have all year.

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