Capturing Light – Veronica Farrell

I anticipated having a lot of firsts during my year of service with Colorado ESC, and in five weeks I can already name a few. However, earlier this week, I had a first I’ve been waiting on for a long time – I went out and shot some photos using a camera I finally treated myself to. An old friend that (fortunately) lives nearby gave me a quick lesson and a housemate was also by my side to help. It was a rather spontaneous outing, meaning my first lesson was on night photography – a unique introduction.

This evening managed to sum up how I currently feel about the Colorado ESC program and my first impressions about the year ahead. This is a new, unfamiliar and adventurous time. It’s a time to take risks and do things a little unconventionally. Eight hours earlier that day I would not have imaged capturing beautiful nighttime photos crouched on pebbles along the bank of a river around a borrowed tripod, constantly stepping in invisible puddles while trying figuring out how ISO, aperture, and shutter speed all interact in low light settings. But there I was, in the moment, capturing the moment, enjoying the moment. I learned a little and gained a lot and I’m extremely excited to use this new hobby as an extension of our year-long disposable camera assignment. While finally christening my camera with its first oh-so-satisfying shutter clicks I came to realize how this year, each day, each moment here in Colorado through the ESC program I am undergoing my own christening and I can’t wait to see how I develop.

The image on the left is my only successful photograph from my nighttime photography lesson (also my last shot). The image on the right is one of the first shots I took when I finally had all the pieces for my camera.


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