What It Means To Give – Veronica Farrell

I’m nearing the end of my sixth week of work at Metro Caring and I’m loving it! Please, don’t pay attention to the slight McDonald’s reference – I must admit, we’re not huge fans of such establishments here at the office. Working in an environment where everyone is so like-minded and supportive has been a great motivator for me to stay dedicated to my own goals of healthy eating and being kind to the environment.

In college, I became very interested in food justice issues while studying environmental science, but here at Metro Caring I have been given the wonderful opportunity to be involved in their utility assistance as well. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into discussing energy saving tips and hope to contribute more to their educational programming.  

Metro Caring hosted a wonderful fundraiser gala last month, bringing in their total goal of $150,000! Tonight they are hosting a film screening of the documentary “Just Eat It” at the Sie Theatre on Colfax and are asking for donations to cover the cost of the event, but I hope many attendees are far more generous. I have yet to see the film, but I am incredibly excited to – the trailer is very compelling.

I really appreciate how the organization reaches out in ways such as this to the greater community. The gala was Metro Caring’s official start of the largest food waste reduction campaign in Denver’s history, “Save the Food, Share the Food.” Sign the pledge today to reduce your food waste!

Metro Caring is doing so much amazing work for the Denver and entire Colorado community and being connected to this workplace has shown me how many other great, charitable programs are out there. Please, take some time tonight to think about donating to a charitable organization that adheres to a mission that is close to your heart.


Check out the links below to sign the pledge and watch the trailer!



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