Two Months Too Late- Sara Sweeney

*To be read in a very dry, gloomy, but dramatic voice. Absolutely no exaggerations or joyfulness. Again, only very, very dry bravado. Lots of sighs. Probably the slower the better. Sending cookies to anyone in CESC who videotapes themselves performing and sends to me.*

It’s been two months
since my last blog post.
What a horrible way
to advertise and host
visitors to this blog site,
like the young twenty-somethings
searching for a lil insight
into the Colorado Episcopal Service Year.


I’ll write you an ode
before I hit the sack
and my dreams abide
just kidding I don’t mean “abide”
just looked that word up
oh well
I tried

Ode to Evan, Ode to Joy
What would I do without that boy?
He brought my lunch
to my workplace today
and it fed my soul,
oh, avocado,

(H)Evan, Evan,
thank you so
I’m glad to be with you
in Colorado

And what about Collette?
she’s grand and sweet

one time she let me
brush my teeth

with her baking soda

which by the way is hella worth this Oda
Collette, Collette! O how my teeth shine bright
thank you so much for
sharing your sodium bicarbon..ite!

Lizzy, and John, I’d never forget you
Thank gosh for you, John
when you walk into a room

the force the force the force the force

radiates and encapsulates
in the language of the heart
and the language
of Norse

but you’re great, too,
a housemate who cares
and wishes us well
when we’re walking down the stairs

My dear Lizzy
with whom I now share a room
thank gosh it’s a carpet
(neither of us would pick up the broom)

let’s for real seriously gosh danget we need a space heater
this room is freezing and you’re
still in New Hampshire
can you picture me alone on our floor?
wishing in the distance I’d hear
H. Potter and you walkin’ through the door.
I miss you come home


O my friends, and my strangers, too,
I’m so fricken happy I can check this off my to-do
list, it reads: “November 6th’s blog post”
and what a jerk it’s been to look at it for months
I thought, once,
I’d write about the election
but instead I’ve gone in a different direction

Maybe December’s post will come a month early, in Jan
We’ll see what it is that I do, I can
at least wish you well,
and hope that you’re fine,
sweet dear readers goodbye until next time



















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