Rediscovery and Lessons learned

Hello again folks. I bring to you my next to last blog for Colorado ESC. What is there to talk about? What happened? What’s new? Well, you know soon. But for now, let me begin as to where I am right this moment.

I am currently in Birmingham, AL on vacation. Now unless you are going to the beach in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach Alabama may not be everyone’s first choice. I came here to visit a friend getting married to the love of his life. It was an opportunity to see old friends, reconnect, and re-energize for the last few months of the ESC. Though my first night back in my home state was long.

I started Friday morning spending time with the members of Columba house for their Friday formation. We started the day with a 75minute hot yoga class in Golden, CO; and when I mean hot I mean that the heater was turned up to high and I am sweating from standing hot. Afterwards we had a light breakfast and then we continued the day with a tour of the Coor’s Light Brewery. After the tour we had lunch at a place called Bob’s Atomic Burgers. The funny thing about this place is that when you get your order they don’t give you a number, but a celebrity name, ours was the Little Mermaid.

After lunch and dealing with some scattered showers we drove back to the house for some chill time.

Around 2:30 I knew that I would need to hustle so that I can make my flight. I packed up my bags in my car and proceeded to drive. Something struck me as I drove to away from Denver: the state was getting flatter. I do not remember the last time I was in a very flat section of the country. I was accustomed to Mountains and cities seeing the totally flat land startled me. But I made it to the lot to drop off my car. I boarded the shuttle and off it went. Now as I was sitting in the shuttle I took note of what I forgot in my car, “shoot..oh well”. But I got off the shuttle, entered the airport and began to slowly go through the dreaded TSA Security line which was actually moving rather quickly. As I moved through the line, I remembered that I had not flown in a airport for over 2 years. But I got through and began to board the rail line to my gate. Keep this in mind, it was about 3pm when I left downtown Denver, it took me 30-45 minutes to the lot. Then there was the drive to the lot, entering the airport, going through security and the rail line. My plane began to board at 5:05 pm, I got there at 5. Luckily , I was called later to board so I had time for a snack.

I won’t talk about my plane ride, there is not much to that other than it was 2h 45 min flight. I arrived in Atlanta and met my Dad at baggage claim, we chatted as we walked. One of the first things I I said was that I had not been in Alabama, let alone the south, since last August where he and I began a 3 day road trip to Colorado. As soon as I said that, WHAM, instant humidity. We hopped into the car and drove about 2 hours to Birmingham. The next day, yesterday, I was preparing to clean myself up for the day the sole reason why I came back was to see this day happen. After getting a pair of pants from the store, showering and what not, my dad drove me to the wedding.

When I entered the church I instantly saw faces of people I did not see for awhile. There were fraternity brothers who showed up to the wedding, some were groomsmen, one was the best man. There was a fair turnout, and beautiful music throughout the service. Later in the service, the moment that all hopeless romantics love about weddings came for the bride and groom; the kiss. When that happened they symbolically and literally added a new chapter to their lives. I do not the origin of the relationship but I know that Michael Fisher and Maryann Lee , or I guess Fisher now, met in college. They’ve dated for a number of years and on a journey together that led to yesterday’s wedding. This is something that they both wanted for a long time. I am sure that they’ve had ups and downs, good times and bad, have been in sickness and have had good health. They are 2 people who deserve each other and a happy life. Michael, true to his faith, remained devout throughout his life, even in tragic circumstances . I am a witness to this action in faith. It is one quality I do not inherently have and that I wish I could. I do not know enough about Maryann. I do that she is strong in her faith as well and she , and Michael, is tall. I know about her through Michael, and I do not remember everything he told me. But the point is that these two individuals, this one couple, exemplify qualities I aspire to. Maybe I can turn aspiration into reality, but I need to get through this next month first.

So what other takeaways do I have from the weekend? What is next in my life? What will I be doing? Well you’re going to have to wait until my last blog, which coincidentally is on the last day of the ESC program. I look forward to writing this next blog. See you then!

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