Well, looks like this is the End. By Evan Brock

Hello there! How are you? I hope you are doing well. Oh me? Well, …I don’t know how to tell you this, but I am getting ready to move out of Steamboat Springs. As you are reading this I am attending St.Pauls for one last morning service and then will have one final meal with my house mates. After that I will drive to Denver to stay with some friends from the St. Columba house for one night , then I will begin my road trip back to Alabama.This will allow me to reconnect with old friends and family who I have not seen for awhile.

Why move? Why leave the beautiful setting that is Steamboat? To be honest I have another job starting in August. It is out state and will require me to arrive on July 28th. That seems a bit early, and you’re right. That is because I will serve with the Creation Care ESC program at Camp Mokule’ia in Hawaii. Essentially, I will have a 2 week vacation.

The work will be different. I will be living and working outside and I will share living space with 2 other ESC members, but we will be separated in yurts. The work is whatever the camp needs at that time; from sustainability projects to leading programs to different camp groups. The camp is remote so I won’t have instant access to Internet or cell service, as far as I know. But, there is a blog site for this program, so you’ll here from me again.

I will miss Steamboat and all it has offered me. I will miss living in Colorado and being a witness to its natural wonders. Friday was my last day at the Boys and Girls Club of Steamboat Springs. The day started like most days in the summer ,M,W,R,F I work 9:15-5:30 and T from 2-6, except that I was instructed to come to work early so that I can my supervisor where all my saved files were located on my work laptop. I did that, and then progressed throughout the day as if were normal. I was monitoring a gym game, I had lunch at the club, and I went on a field trip. Myself, and 3 other staff took a group of 35 kids to a local movie theatre to see Despicable Me 3. I was halfway paying attention because I was making sure the kids were behaving. Overall it was a good field trip.

When we returned to the club most of the kids went to the Computer lab to play games. This was around 3:30 and it lasted until 4:30. The last activity I was a part of was in gym. Thankfully, the games that block were games that I remember. For most of the year Gym was my biggest challenge so it seems fitting that it was my last. We played wall ball ,kick ball, and we had some time to play with scooters. Being that it was Friday the rest of the kids in other rooms came to the gym early for Open Gym. This was around 5:20. Soon, my time would end. As kids and more staff were in the gym I felt prompted to make sure that I didn’t leave anything at the work desk. I noticed on the laptop a note for me. This was from my supervisor, I will not say what it was about, that is personal. But there was nothing else left. I walked out of the office and noticed the janitor in the hallway. We chatted and exchanged our goodbyes, and then there was a kid who left the gym looking for a toy and need the janitors keys. I watched over the kid and of course nothing was there, this took close to 10 minutes. I walked back to the gym with the kid. Most of my stuff was put into my car earlier that day so there was not much left to take; it was 5:30. I said my goodbye to my other supervisor, who shook my hand and gave me a hug. I simply said thank you. When I was walking to my car she stuck her head out of the front door of the club saying that there is something she wanted to give me. I soon followed her to the back of the club. When I met her she gave me a poster that some of the kids wrote on Thursday. I didn’t read it yet, but I took it with me. Again, we said our goodbyes.

When I sat in my car I began to feel the emotions, but they didn’t surface. I drove by the front door of the club for seems to be the final time. I drove home like I normally do ,nothing exciting. Then I came in the door and one of my house mates clapped her hands. She told me “you did it”. I was reluctant to respond. With my poster in hand I sat on our couch and I began to unfold. I opened the poster and there was the message that made every emotion I had surface. The message read “ Goodbye Evan, We will miss you”. Surrounding that message were kids signatures. Looking at that message reminded me of the roller coaster of the 10 month experience at the club, both beginning, middle, and end. I am proud to say that everything at the club ended on a good note.

I still feel emotional. This blog will be posted on Sunday July 16th. That is my last official day as a member of Colorado ESC. Like the BGC there were ups, downs, and in betweens. But I am proud for stepping out of my comfort zone to moving to CO, I am glad that I met so many cool people, and I am proud to have served at the BGC. Maybe my faith is still unknown. There were other aspects of this year that took my energy and attention. But, maybe that is something I can work on next year. Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for tagging along this blog experience. I can say without a doubt that this year had left me transformed.

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