Liturgy – Kirsten Kettler

Hello, friends.

Let’s talk about liturgy.

Steamboat ESC talked about liturgy for our Tuesday Formation, and I found it interesting that I heard the word thrown around a lot in my life but I never really knew what it meant.

Liturgy is a particular form or way of worship in a church. I like to think of it as the flow of things. For example, some churches open with a worship band, enter a time of prayer, give the message, and then close with a last worship song.

Some churches are more traditional and structured in their liturgy and some are more relaxed and flexible, depending on where you go. The diversity in churches always amazes me.

After discussing all of this together, we took some time to stop and reflect. As I was journaling my thoughts, I thought about the liturgy of my daily life.

My typical day basically looks like this: I wake up, take the bus to work, work, take the bus home, make some dinner, and then try to do something fun or relaxing. In the middle of those things, I text friends, check social media, and play with the kids at the Boys and Girls Club.

It made me wonder, what does my liturgy, or flow of things, say about me? I think that how we spend our time reflects pieces of who we are.

Then I started freaking out. What if my liturgy doesn’t reflect upon me well?? I need to spend more time in prayer, more time reading the Bible!! (When my thoughts go this way I typically start thinking of how terrible of a Christian I really am.)

After taking the “phone a friend” option, and talking out how I felt, I realized that there is no “perfect” liturgy. There’s a diverse range of liturgies, all different and all (for the most part) good. I came to the conclusion that I think the flow of our lives should reflect God’s love for us.

With that in mind, I have a challenge for you (and me). How does your personal liturgy, the flow of your life, reflect God’s love?

I hope that you take the time to reflect on your life’s liturgy. It made me think about how I use my commute time, how I interact with others, and how much time I spend on social media.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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