I don’t have much to say…

Today I don’t have much to say, it has been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve set up a small personal alter next to my bed, I have a few images up there and try to pray at my alter nightly. Recently i stopped by the Hare Krishna temple here in Denver and had a great time with two of the devotees, PK and Jorge. I got there and met a girl named Diana who works in the cafe they run there called Radha Govinda’s, its a completely vegetarian cafe attached to the Temple. Diana was a very sweet, welcoming face to meet as I arrived. after meeting her I went down to the basement and took prasad, which means food that is first offered to a deity before eating. Then after some food and conversation with a man named Arjuna, PK and I went to his apartment where he lives and assists devotees on their path to Krishna Consciousness. He basically is there to help them along the way and to do his best to help keep their consciousness in the right place. He and I and Jorge sat and talked for an hour or so, maybe a bit more. The convo is always of a serious matter, but many laughs are had, real laughs…loud laughs. That day I was needing that sort of connection and I thank God for PK, Jorge, all the devotees of Krishna, and for the whole religion. Everyone I meet from this faith is so warm and welcoming.


Hare Krishna.




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