Gimme Some Warm Weather


Right now it is the middle of winter. At my placement site, Saint Francis Center. we see hundreds of people a day. which means we also come in contact with hundreds of germs a day. In your first year at SFC it is expected you’ll get sick all through the winter pretty much. It’s science. But it still sucks. So right now my head isn’t too much into the heavy stuff. I’m doing what I can to keep learning and growing but the fact of the matter is that sometimes your head just ain’t in the game. Right now i’m constantly dreaming of warmer weather and skateboarding, and sitting out on the porch after work. I’ve pretty much entirely stopped wearing deodorant, which is actually pretty sick. I get some pretty obnoxious BO but i’m the only one who smells it so who cares really? I’m gonna post a link to a skateboard video, I really hope you take a couple minutes and check it out, skateboarding brings me a lot of comfort and helps me get out of my head. So from me to you, here is a video called “Chicken Bone Nowison”.


Link is right below 🙂

Chicken Bone Nowison

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