A Little Bit of Bragging – Emily Eldridge

I tend not to talk about my accomplishments very much, even when I’m proud of myself. Other people usually brag for me, to my total embarrassment. But I feel I’ve done some pretty cool things at the museum this month so I want to share.

On Thursday I posted the link to an article I wrote for the local paper on the ESC Facebook page. I wrote about the 1918 flu epidemic and its impact on Colorado, particularly on Steamboat Springs and other nearby towns. This is my first public piece of writing.

The big one: in case you missed it, the Olympics took place this month. I’ve never really paid attention to them, but I have the privilege of living and working in Ski Town U.S.A. Steamboat Springs has ties to more Olympic athletes than anywhere else in the country. 15 2018 Winter Olympians lived or trained here, and that meant I couldn’t ignore the Olympics this year. Quite the opposite – I created my very first solo museum exhibit about Steamboat’s 2018 athletes! I researched the games and athletes, designed and mounted (with help!) the information panels and a couple of artifacts belonging to previous Olympians.

Meanwhile, this past week my boss arranged an amazing loan for the museum – a 2010 Olympic silver medal won by Steamboat Springs native Johnny Spillane. And the coolest part: in the absence of the museum curator, she turned the medal over to me to create a display! It was small and simple, but I don’t think I’ve ever handled something as cool (or as valuable!) before. I got started on the display before the medal arrived so it could go up quickly, so I was relieved when it turned out looking great with no adjustments needed.

These are things I worked hard on this month and am proud to have done. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have done these things and for the support and help I had in doing them.


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