He Goes With Us

Greetings readers! This is my first blog post for ESC, so I’m going to give a brief introduction of myself:

My name is Rachel, and I’m serving at the Tread of Pioneers Museum in Steamboat Springs.  I LOVE history and am kind of a nerd.  I convinced my roommates to let me put up a picture of Abraham Lincoln in our living room.  They’re pretty cool.  Anyway, I’ve been out of college for a little more than a year and a half, and prior to ESC, had kind of just been floating from job to job, not really finding anything to stick with.  I got a BS in history, which was fun, but my studies really only prepared me for graduate school.  I was really struggling, but I am so excited to be here! Enough about me, let’s move on to…oh…a bit more about me.

When I found this opportunity, it seemed too perfect.  I’d been seeking a museum job and wanting to move to the Rockies, and these things plus the added bonus of intentional Christian community sounded too good to be true.  When I interviewed and was offered a place in ESC at the museum, I was elated,  but I was also worried.  I was worried that this was a selfish pursuit of career and location, and not what God wanted for me.  Our relationship is not one where I often hear the Lord clearly and distinctly.  It’s more of an “I’m going to try this thing, if it’s within your will, bless it, and of not, close the door.”  And it seemed that He had been closing a lot of doors.  Anyway, I didn’t feel strongly led by God to the program.  It was everything I had wanted so I decided that since I got in, it was an ok path to take.  I knew God wouldn’t let me stray from His side as long as I was pursuing Him.  Still, I was nervous even up to the day I that I left that this was the “wrong” choice.  I tend to think often of following God as doing what I don’t want to do.  Now, sometimes this is the case, but not always.  Just because something aligns with our desires, does not mean it is selfish or opposed to God’s plan.

The first few weeks here have been busy, draining, fun, and just plain overwhelming.  I’ve seen God throughout these past couple weeks, but still had my doubts.  Despite this, as I sat at the museum desk training this week, a feeling of rightness came over me.  A feeling that I was in the right place.  The Lord opened this door, and I walked through.  Of course, He came with me! I feel already that what I have been searching for has been answered in this next stage of life.  I don’t know what that means, but I am excited for the year to come.  It is doubtless going to be one of challenges, growth, and love.  I’m thankful for the Lord’s assurance and ever-present love and guidance.  I get caught up too often in trying to ferret out “God’s plan” and “what He is calling me to.”  It can be paralyzing for many of us, and I don’t think He wants it this way.  Sometimes His will for people is very clear and distinct, but I don’t think this is always the case.  To paraphrase one of my ministers from college: God isn’t always worried about where you go, as long as you take Him with you.  I’m convinced that as long as my heart stays set on God, I will be serving Him, and He will be guiding me regardless of career choice, location, etc.  I thank the Lord that He chooses to look at us and see sons and daughters, and though

“In their hearts humans plan their course…
the Lord establishes their steps.”

Proverbs 16:9

All praise, power, and glory be to the Lord God!

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