Community, Take 2 – Emily Eldridge

As you may or may not know, this is my second year with ESC in Steamboat Springs. As you may or may not also know, I was the only ESC member in Steamboat Springs last year from mid-January on. For a program based around community, it was tough.
After making the decision to stay for another year, I spent several months bouncing between looking forward to having roommates to have adventures with and worrying about how it was going to feel to have to share what had come to feel like my space again. As time ran out last year, seeming to go faster and faster as July approached, I didn’t want to let go of how things were. Maybe I wanted roommates, but I didn’t feel ready to give up the routines I had finally settled into at work and in monthly and weekly formation. But before I knew it, I was headed home for two weeks, and Weston and Rachel were both here when I returned.
The kitchen is full of music and laughter and homemade chocolate. The living room is all rearranged, now perfectly cozy for movie nights and binge watching the shows we want to share with each other. I have a team for weekly Geeks Who Drink trivia again, and I even roped one of my new roomies into going to a genealogy club meeting with me.
Going grocery shopping went from “ride the bus by myself/don’t make detours because I have nowhere to leave my stuff and it takes awhile as is” to “let’s wander around the farmer’s market and stick our heads in that store you’ve always wondered about and spend an hour at the costume shop we noticed a sign for by the side of the road before we actually make it to the grocery store – in a car!”
My new roommates both love to laugh, are open to trying new things, and have things in common with me and with each other. Spending time together and creating a new little community of three has felt natural to me – which is saying something, if you’ve read my other posts about how hard it is for me to make friends. Tough as it was the first time around, and scary as it is to try again, I am glad to be here for another year.
We have been named Remily (Rachel and Emily combined, because apparently we’re “the same person”) and the Church Nerd (Weston, because he’s a church nerd).

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