Framing My Future -Faith Bessette

2 months

in Denver, Colorado.

6 months

ago that idea seemed too far away to comprehend.

12 months

earlier I was sitting in my room, listless and unsure of where I was supposed to be.


The more days I can cross off the calendar,

the more I’m sure that I was brought to this place with a purpose.


A once clouded and hidden picture is revealing itself,

slowly and surely as time passes by.


(Which is happening way too quickly, might I add)

((I’ve lived here two. whole. months. That is absolutely wILD))


With every shift at Urban Peak,

every community night dinner we host at the house,

every FaceTime call with Weston Morris.


I am grounded in the fact that I made the right choice.


There is light peaking through many parts of the frame now.

What was once an ominous, almost hazy looking canvas,

is now splattered with sections of bright color.


Small slivers of clarity.


12 months

ago I had no vision of the foreseeable future.

I knew what tomorrow would bring,

maybe even next week.

But further than that was a somewhat terrifying thought.


6 months

after that, I had a plan.

A plan where I was flying by the seat of my pants,

but a plan no less.


2 months

in Colorado, and I’m starting to see fragmented pieces of the life

I think I want to have when this year is through.


I’m not certain I can see anything tangible right now,

but it’s a relief to know that my eyesight is improving.


(Only metaphorically though, my real life eyesight is for sure getting worse.)

((Growing up is cool.))

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