Shred Everything

Today as a house we brainstormed brief mission statements and the only thing I could think of was “Shred everything.” It’s a phrase that has been stuck in my head for the last few months, thanks to an anonymous person on the internet. “Shred everything” is something that you’d expect any rad snowboarder to say. Every time I come home from a day of riding on the mountain, Rachel asks, “Did you shred all of the things,” before I even come up the stairs. Usually, my answer is, “I shredded some of the things.”

It’s remarkable how much this catchphrase is accurate to how I feel about my ESC experience right now. I’m making a lot of friends by being out shredding on the mountain, but it’s also a good metaphor for other things as well. In the last few months, as I’ve been settling in to my role here, I’ve had to completely shred my expectations (expectations that I thought I didn’t have at all…wrong). I expected to move here with other adventurous, outdoorsy types, but instead I got two wonderful roommates that nurture my introvert self, push me to see the world and my spirituality differently, and challenge me to care about the history of a place that is brand new to me. It was becoming difficult to continue to hold up my expectations of immediate friendship, exploration, and belonging. In the interest of making friends, exploring, and belonging I’ve been slowly shredding my expectations for this year. Let the shredding continue.

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